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PT. Bakrie Tosanjaya

With more than 38 years experiences, PT. Bakrie Tosanjaya continues its products development especially in automotive/transportation components and general engineering casting. As a pioneer in this segment, PT. Bakrie Tosanjaya relies on its experience and established goals to always improve its products quality, competitive price and ensure timely delivery of its products.

As the pioneer in grey & ductile cast iron products for OEM automotive components in Indonesia,we strive to fulfill rising market demand by increasing production capacities

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and adding the state of the art technology and the latest machineries, full PLC and computerized control equipments.

Our Product :

  • Automotive Product


     Customers :
  1. PT. Hino Motors Manufacturing Indonesia (Hino)
  2. PT. IAMI (Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia)
  3. PT. Astra Multi Truck Indonesia (Nissan)
  4. PT. Mitsubishi Krama Yudha Motors (Mitsubishi)
  5. PT. Astra Daihatsu Motors (Daihatsu)
  6. PT.Hyundai Indonesia Motor (Hyundai)
  7. PT. Mesin Isuzu Indonesia (Isuzu)
  8. PT. Suzuki Indonesia ( Suzuki )

    • Non Automotive Product

       Customers :

    1. PT. Komatsu Undercarriage Indonesia (Heavy Equipment)
    2. PT. Yanmar Diesel Indonesia (Diesel Comp For Casting & Forging)
    3. PT. Yamindo (Agricultural Components For Casting & Forging)
    4. PT. Freyssinet Total Technology (Civil Construction)
    5. PT. VSL Indonesia (Civil Construction)
    6. PT. Morita Tjokro Gearindo (Engineering Components)
    7. PT. New Armada ( Dies Component)
    8. PT. Siemens Industrila Power (Turbines)
    9. PT. Caterpillar Indonesia ( Heavy Equipment)
    10. PT. Geasindo Teknik Prima (Forging)
    11. PT. Mekar Armada Jaya (Dies)
    12. PT. Yudistira Komponen (Dies)
    13. PT. Kreasi Sanadi Multi (Baking Wheel)
    14. CV. Damar Bayu

      Our Customers


      Exports Customers :

      australia bahrain-flag-1 italy japan malaysia Jerman
      sa taiwan Thailand

      1. Sapura Machining Corporation - Malaysia ( Automotive Components)
      2. Belton Axle Components, BHD - Malaysia (Automotive Components)
      3. Y.K Almoayyed & Sons BSC - Bahrain (Automotive Components)
      4. Tensaccai SPA - Italy( Civil Construction)
      5. TTM Tension Technology -Italy (Civil Construction)
      6.  Komatsu Castex Ltd -Japan (Heavy Equipment)
      7. Mitsubishi - Japan, Philippine, Taiwan, South American (Automotive Components )
      8. Isuzu - Thailand, Malaysia ( Automotive Component )
      9. Hicom & Proton - Malaysia ( Automotice Component )
      10. GIEB Tecnik Ungrun - Germany ( Civil Costruction )
      11. Malco - Australia ( Automotive Component)
      12. PT. Kurimoto Ltd -  Japan (Automotive Component)


      PT. Bakrie Tosanjaya KM. 27 Pondok Ungu Bekasi-17132 PO. BOX 112/BKS - INDONESIA Phone : (61 21) 88976601-3 Fax : (61 21) 88976607 Email : marketing@bakrie-tosanjaya.co.id